Teaching is my passion.
I share ideas, give talks and lead workshops.
These are some of the talks and workshops I lead. Contact me if you'd like me to talk with your group.
What's New in the World of Entrepreneurial Journalism
Explore the newest developments in the realm of journalism innovation. This session focuses on the impact and implications of industry change. You'll take away several case studies highlighting creative solutions to media challenges and a framework for developing new projects.
Digital Handout
30 Tools in 60 Minutes:
New Sites, Apps & Resources
Buckle up for a tour through today's most useful digital tools, a carefully curated list of apps, sites and resources. See examples of the tools in action while learning what they do, how they're useful and why & when to use them. Update your toolkit & take away a guide to share with colleagues and friends.
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How to Get More Done in a World of Information Overload
This hands-on workshop focuses on tips, tricks and best practices for making the most of emerging productivity tools like Slack, Trello, GDrive, Calendly, and MixMax. You'll walk away with new ways to maintain your digital sanity & work efficiently. Take away a tipsheet to share with colleagues & friends.
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Smarterphone! Storytelling with Mobile Multimedia for Our New Visual Era
In this hands-on session you'll practice creating inventive visuals with your smartphone. We'll focus on photos, mini-videos, gifs, graphics and social posts on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
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The Magic of Social Media: Finding Ideas, Building Community and Seeing What's Next
Discover new ways to make the most of social platforms to develop story ideas, track trends and learn about communities using Crowdtangle, Reddit, Quora, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, and other emerging networks.
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My Scoopcamp Talk:
Here's my approach to making meaningful presentations
It's not enough to say something interesting. Someone listening should feel inspired to do something.
I like to engage people through stories, examples & facts
Presentations should be full of interesting ideas, anecdotes and details. No one should be bored. Slides, if used, should be elegant, clear and simple. Handouts can be helpful for following up.
Ask me about my talks
I use polls, questions, games and case studies to bring talks to life
Presentations are best when everyone's engaged in thinking, doing, and actively learning. I believe in using games, puzzles, and questions to liven up sessions and draw everyone in.
Reach out about a presentation
I think humor, candor & useful info make talks memorable
I'm not a comedian but we all appreciate moments of levity. Honesty and occasional bluntness in presentations is essential, and the sessions many of us enjoy most are those that leave us with useful takeaways, tools and frameworks to act on.
Tell me how I can be of help
Reach out if I can help
I enjoy sharing big ideas about new directions in journalism as well as teaching hands on, useful workshops. Drop me a line if you'd like me to give a talk or lead a workshop.
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E-mail: jeremy at jeremycaplan dot com
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